All things bold + beautiful with House Homo

Tell us about House Homo, how did it begin?

It all started last January when I came to view this house; as soon as I saw the archway in the hall I knew I needed to a) buy it IMMEDIATELY and b) paint it gold! I wanted the house to be super colourful and fun so the rest just sort of fell into place after that, the Instagram following was just an unexpected, dreamy, totally supportive bonus!

Everyone’s toolbox when decorating a house is so different, how do you find it best to go about deciding on the final idea?

I’d love to say there was a really clear method but it varies each time! I usually start with a colour palette and go from there but, more recently, when I decorated the bathroom, I won £100 worth of paint from Pickleson so I picked 5 different colours and just let the colours decide where they wanted to go; it was definitely stressful and time consuming but I love the result. 

The same thing happened with the guest room too, maybe that’s my method now?

I usually have one really clear nugget of an idea so I just run with that, even if it doesn’t work and you paint over it later! It’s definitely always best to go with your gut instinct!

Your style is so bold + beautiful, have you always had an eye for home decor + final details?

I come from a background in Visual Merchandising so I’ve always been big on fashion and finer details but i just fell into home decor in the last few years, and now I’m obsessed. I eat, breathe, sleep interiors now. In my last flat, I used to do monthly Feng Shui move rounds and change everything up, I guess practice makes perfect!

You have come so far with your brand + your social media, what was the initial inspiration to launch your own channel?

I started the account just before the first lockdown just to document the progress; a lot of my friends live across the country and world so it was the easiest way to share it with them. I had no clue it would have grown as quickly as it has, or that I’d be working with so many amazing brands before the year was out!

Do you feel that social media has had a crucially positive impact in your journey?

100%, the interiors Instagram community is the biggest love fest I’ve ever known! Everyone is so supportive and caring, it’s like having 22,000 best mates on hand day and night! 

It’s definitely pushed me to be more daring too, there are so many amazing accounts celebrating the colour revolution so I have a duty to the movement!

The world’s most recent events have caused us to adapt and become more ‘digital’ with decor shopping + our own businesses, how did you find time at home? What were your productivity hacks?

I actually love shopping online for interiors; Birmingham is a great city but it is definitely lacking in interiors shops, so this way I get the whole world of interiors to draw from!

For productivity, I find it so easy to get sucked into an Instagram hole sometimes so I try to hide my phone away to focus on projects. I try and set myself daily goals – even if it’s really small like tidying one room – so anything after that is a bonus and you feel super productive.

We love that you complete most of the DIY yourself! As we both know, the Design world is forever evolving – how do you stay on top of the latest trends?

It’s definitely hard to keep up! I try to avoid following trends too hard because I don’t wanna dilute 

what I’m doing but I’ve tried to make your Instagram feed look like my ideal magazine, so every time I open it I see something that inspires me! That way you see trends coming up through all different angles; trickling down through fashion, budding through the interiors community, from architects, anywhere and everywhere! 

Most important question, what is your favourite colour + store for home pieces?

My favourite colour hands down is orange, definitely need to incorporate some more orange into househomo, I’ve just painted over the orange dining room! 

My favourite store changes so quickly, ask me tomorrow and it will be different but a great option is Trouva; they have SO many different styles and boutiques so you’re not only getting so many options, you’re supporting local business too!

Finally, what advice would you give your 20 year old self now?

Stop going out and focus – I was definitely a bit wild aged 20!

I know it sounds so cheesy but I would tell him to believe in himself more, I was so unsure of what I wanted / what I wanted to do, but who knows I could have been the new Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen by now.

Check out Richard’s journey here.

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