Pretzel Kids

Full Website Consultancy, Design and Build www.pretzelkids.com

I feel like I hit the jackpot. There are hardly any words to express how happy I am with the work that Abigail and You & Me Collective has done for me and my business, Pretzel Kids yoga. I started working with Abigail and her team (including stellar web developer Maris Fisher) to completely overhaul my website in February 2019. This was no small job as it required custom coding and an entirely new design. In essence, Abigail spearheaded a 9 month project which required extensive communication and several changes. In the end, Abigail far exceeded my expectations. The You & Me Collective team was instrumental in taking Pretzel Kids to the next level and creating the first web platform for the kids yoga space. I have since hired You & Me Collective to handle my social media and ongoing projects. Hiring Abigail was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

The Curator Educator

Full Website Consultancy, Design and Build www.sophiakyprianou.com

The You & Me Collective team have been fantastic to work with over the past year. Abi and the team have gone above and beyond to support me as a new creative business and have done a fantastic job on my website. I could not recommend them more, they are more than just a professional team, they are champions for their clients, thank you.

Her Wealth IQ

Full Website Consultancy, Design and Build and Social Media Management @herwealthiq

Abigail, I am blown away by the website! It is totally exceeding my biggest expectations. You’re a website genie!

My Beauty Squad


We are so happy to have Abigail on our Beauty Squad PR & Marketing team. It is a very hard part of the business and you should find someone that matches your brand and personality. Abigail is not only the greatest person but her business truly helped My Beauty Squad. She has a little black book with all the contacts you need and she works really hard to help you with anything you might need. Look no further, sign her up!

Infinity Fine Jewellery

Social Media Management + Marketing

Starting up a business is never going to be easy. Questions would certainly be asked, why a retail outlet, especially in this massive time of change on the high street? Chuck in a year, that not one of us would have predicted, with the global pandemic and chances of making it through would look at best....slim! Then Infinity Fine Jewellery hit gold!

You & Me Collective came out of nowhere to work their magic. Talk about finding two people with so much zest for life + bundles of enthusiasm... to help and push a business and to top it all off being so professional throughout!

Abi + Louise have been more than sensational for my business to be where it is, 12 months after opening my front door for the 1st time, the business has grown rapidly and a large chunk of that success is from the vision and input by them both. I am looking forward to 2021 and beyond, Infinity are in safe hands and I know that my business would not function without them.

Thank you You & Me, you are as part of this business as much as I am!