Trends Volume II: Keeping it Personal

Vol. II brings you a new trend, keeping it personal; an insight into how you can share your brand’s personality – a marketing technique that is often overlooked + one that is often the easiest to achieve.

1: Get rid of robotics.

Firstly, try to avoid or limit usage of automated message generators when potential customers direct message you. These often produce impersonal, robotic responses to questions, sometimes not even providing a relevant response to your consumer. Although Facebook algorithms may love it, as you’re seen to be spending time on the platform, this can be frustrating for those needing help or support – or may be enough to turn once loyal customers away if they cannot speak to a ‘human’ member of your team.

Really, you have two options here: invest time into replying to individuals yourself OR hire someone to do this for you. Whilst we know that this may be something you are not looking to spend too much time on, the return on investment could be huge.

We’ve all seen those brands who are known for not responding to their consumers. This can build a bad reputation. On the other hand, so many consumers will ‘fangirl’ over the fact that you’ve personally taken the time to get to know them – in our eyes, it’s a no brainer!

2: Let them know that you are human too.

Show your followers behind the scenes, the faces of those that are running the brand! This is one that is often overlooked in today’s mass productive society. Showing the human side to your brand will only build rapport with your audience, making them feel part of what you do, a VIP insight.. allowing them to feel like part of the team too.

I recommend showing behind the scenes footage of what it is like to work within your business, think ‘a day in the life of’. Social media has rapidly changed to allow us to create so many different types of media – feed posts, Stories, Reels/TikToks, Boomerangs etc. Using these to your advantage, you can highlight the passion that your team has, achievements you have reached, new team members, occasions + commemorative posts. All of these different will help your audience engage with your team and your brand more seamlessly because of your online content being relatable, honest and authentic.

3: Make it special

It’s simple, people feel special when time has been spent to make things personalised. The positive of being a small brand is that you can often find the time to do this, even if it is for one hour a week.

Social Media Queen Lorna Luxe uses polls to get to know her audience + personalised competitions as well as taking several hours a week to interact with her followers and respond to private messages. With 1.1 million followers, it’s clear that being authentic achieves results.

Knowing your customers is a win-win, you can build your brand around your target audience and you build a loyal customer base at the same time. What more could you want?

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