Trends Volume I: Reels

We are eager to keep our wonderful friends up to date with all things social media. With algorithms ever-changing, we wanted to provide a platform for you to check regularly and learn all about the new trends and how to incorporate these into your business or entrepreneurial concepts, assisting your social success.

The latest trend to sky-rocket on our social platforms is user-generated short-clip videos, known as Reels. Originally created by TikTok, this style of video has quickly become the goto for businesses and influencers alike to deliver quirky, fun and informative content to their followers.

The possibilities of Reels are endless; from the Ocean Spray boarder, to InTheFrow fashion advice and easy recipes.. lending it to be a hugely beneficial marketing method. Benefits include:

• Little to no-budget needed
• Can be done with minimal effort and no Marketing Team (although, why would you want to do it alone? We’re here to be your Marketing besties after all!)
• Easy to personalise and target your desired demographics
• Quick and very easy for your audience to view. With 30 second clips, the task of grabbing a user’s attention is minimal.

On this, due to the short and shareable nature of these videos it is extremely easy for videos to go viral. The perfect example is our Ocean Spray lover, skating into 26 million views in a matter of days on TikTok. This means that they are able to reach a vast audience for little to no cost. Through another method, reaching such a large audience could only be possible with large Paid Advertising campaigns or Influencer Management tactics.

As a creative team, we love the idea of using Reels to showcase your brand, services and your personality. A fantastic example is Personal Shoppers utilising their platform to
showcase styling videos, first-hand providing an insight to their brand and a call to action resulting in future custom.

We all have to start somewhere – give your first Reel a try – top tip: review the performance. What works well? What is the outcome of the content? Always deliver with a purpose. We would love to know how you get on.

See you soon, Y&M x

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