We talk modern styling for the style-conscious with Vogue featured Stylist, Callie Pettigrew

We love your ethos ‘modern styling for the style-conscious’. Tell us your story.

I’m Callie – a Creative Event Stylist + Designer based in London. I love to create modern events + specifically tablescapes that bring people together for a shared experience, whether that be brand events, celebrations or weddings. I’m a minimalist, but I’m also obsessed with colour, so I tend to be drawn to simple, modern design with a playful twist. I love to do something a bit different, to jump on a new trend or push a concept so my clients tend to be quite creative themselves too.

What was the initial inspiration to start your own business + style for others?

My background has always been super creative. I studied Graphic Design at university, before freelancing in set design + interiors + then working in-house for various events companies. I just kind of fell into styling as it brought together all those skills in a way that keeps things interesting. I was working super long hours in my previous job but without the freedom to make my own decisions + pick the projects that excited + inspired me, so I decided to take the leap in 2019 + start my own business, I haven’t looked back! 

Being featured in Stylist, VOGUE + Love My Dress are HUGE achievements. What has been your favourite party/event/wedding to style so far?

Thank you so much! Zeena + Zack’s wedding was definitely a highlight. They were one of my first big weddings back post Covid + after having to postpone multiple times, everything about it was just so joyful. I loved every second of bringing their colourful vision to life, + then to be featured in Vogue was just a total dream come true. 

We have also read you design bespoke stationery. If you could design stationery for any brand or individual [famous or not!] who would it be? What style do you think they would love?

Yes! My degree was actually in Graphic Design which has been a wonderful skill to bring into my styling work. I do only offer my stationery services to clients I’m already working with as it’s definitely not my main passion, but I find it’s a lovely added bonus as it means we can really incorporate it into the full design. I’ve always said I’d love to design an event for Glossier so it would probably have to be them. I love their simplistic yet modern style + think it really aligns with mine!

We’re obsessed [not low-key, obsessed!] with Studio Dine. Your dinner candles are gorgeous. What inspired you to start an eCommerce brand too?

Oh thank you! They’re so fun, aren’t they?! Studio Dine was born in November 2020 as a result of lockdown + lack of events work for me really. I’d always wanted to make my own candles as I felt like at that stage I’d seen pretty much everything on the market [now there are hundreds of candle brands!], but had never really had the time so it felt like the perfect opportunity to give it a go! I’m always on the hunt for exciting tableware + props for my styling work day to day, I thought how cool would it be if I could create those products I’d never been able to find?! Now I’m expanding into all sorts of modern tableware which is really exciting! 

Where can we purchase your products? Do you have a favourite + why?

Everything is sold on my website currently [www.calliepettigrew.com/studiodine], although I will be doing a few in person markets over the Christmas run up including A South London Makers Market on the 7th November + London Makers Market on the 4th December. It’s so hard to pick a favourite product, but I’ve just launched the November candle + I’m pretty obsessed with it, so maybe that? It’s a mix of lilac + turquoise so super on brand. I’ve also been working on my very first scented candle that I can’t wait to launch! 

On days you are feeling uninspired, what are your top tips to shake the ‘funk’?

I’m big on finding inspiration from everything around me, from interiors + design, to architecture, places I’ve travelled, fashion, print + illustration. It’s definitely what keeps my ideas fresh, so I try + get out + about for a change of scenery, whether it’s a walk in the park or popping to an exhibition for the afternoon. 

Within your blog we can see you talk about sustainability + eco-friendly weddings. Do you find that more couples are conscious of an eco-friendly approach + what are your favourite top tips?

Definitely more and more these days. The simplest things are to make sure your suppliers are as eco-friendly as possible. Foam-free florists who use seasonal flowers, stationers that work with recycled papers or catering companies that cook with seasonal ingredients are all great places to start. Hire things if you can rather than buying them [+ proceeding to never use them again!). It’s the small things like that which can make a huge difference. 

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self? 

Oooh what a good question. Probably just to go for it! I spent so long wanting to do my own thing + working for other companies as if they were my own so I wish I’d been brave enough to take the leap sooner. 

Finally, what piece of advice would you give to other entrepreneurs at the moment?

Celebrate your wins! It’s so easy to get stuck in the day to day + forget to take a step back to see how far we’ve come. Make time to do that! 

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