We talk the power of mindset, life of a mom-preneur + the beautiful tales of Hattie.

Your Studio looks like the calmest space, filled with gorgeous energy and powerful vibes… Hattie, tell us your story.

I’ve not always been on this journey, I was once accepted into law school to study to become a barrister, can you believe it! Driven by academics and I had no idea who I really was. I would have made a rubbish Barrister as I’m far too soft! Things happen for a reason right, and I got a job at a fab insurance company and met my future husband, Jamie all with a month to go until I left for University and I just knew something was telling me not to go.

So I developed a career as a Responsible Business Consultant, helping businesses not just think about the money and absolutely love it, especially since going self-employed at 17 weeks pregnant. Aside from this corporate life, I found myself looking at my core values, and considering what I want from life. Being pregnant will do that to you!

My work was always to ‘change the world’ but I found myself considering, actually I don’t have to change the whole world to make a difference, I can change people’s worlds. Wavelength was born in 2019, an idea of a circle of mind, body, and soul strength to connect people through the journey of life and get the most out of ourselves. So we converted our garage into the wonderful space it is now, and I absolutely love welcoming people into the energy knowing I’m helping them.

As an expert in Hypnobirthing, birthing + a mummy of gorgeous Walter, how did you get to where you are now?

Since I had my son, at the beginning of the pandemic, I realised how inconsistent and broken the maternity system is, I felt like I had found my calling. Birthers shouldn’t have to fight for their rights and the care they deserve and we should be given all our options in a non-cohesive way.

I always imagine if women knew the power they hold and harnessed this instead of being scared, and we are only scared because of how society portrays birth. I promise you it’s not like one born every minute or in the movies!

‘Birth is a natural event that sometimes requires medical intervention, not a medicalised event that sometimes happens naturally.’ 

So I have trained in birth support, hypnobirthing, as a doula and breastfeeding supporter, mindfulness, naturopathy, aromatherapy, yoga, and relaxation techniques.. and here we are. I will continue to fight for the rights of birthing people and postnatal support. 

In short, for our expectant parents, those curious and those looking to have a baby – why is having a birth plan so important?

The power of a birth plan isn’t the actual plan, it’s the process of becoming educated about all your options!

And that’s what Hypnobirthing is all about, it’s not the fluffy hippy stuff that you envisage when you say Hypnobirthing, to be fair it is a really bad name for it and probably needs a rebrand! It’s about understanding the choices, the risks, and the benefits and being educated enough to have trust in your body and make informed decisions.

You talk a lot about the power of our minds, and mindfulness surrounding birth. What are your biggest top tips to gather a better understand of mental health and mindfulness?

To treat your mental health as you would your body. You wouldn’t ever expect to go to the gym for the first time and be able to lift the heaviest weight, you’d have to train and practice and that’s the same for our minds. And It’s hard to practice mindfulness at first but with techniques like habit stacking and journaling, it will become part of your life and general well-being.

We know you cover all topics of Antenatal, Postnatal, Breast Feeding Support, and Yoga. How do we book with you?

You can book by messaging me directly either via my Instagram or Facebook, or you can book onto any of the classes or Birth Prep courses via our booking platform.

From becoming a mother till now, what are your biggest lessons?

Becoming a mother ignites a raw kind of animal instinct in you, and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to fully listen to that instinct. It’s more than just a ‘feeling’ it’s a physiological chemical release and it’s powerful and often spot on.

As a gorgeous energy, we would love to know your morning routine? Are you an early riser or a night owl?

I’ve always been an early riser, but now don’t have a choice of anything other than that thanks to Wally! We normally start our day at around 7 am and my wonderful husband Jamie takes Wally downstairs so I can pee, clean my teeth and get dressed in some sort of peace! I’m actually not a fan of routine, believe it or not, so I don’t have set things we do at set times but I always have a cup of oat milk coffee!

When working with all things motherhood, how do you stay on top of new ideas + external pressures in business?

It is definitely hard to keep things from getting stagnant but I would say that my biggest inspirations come from what I live day to day, if I find something hard or interesting then I like to make content about that as it’s relevant, so you’ll often see my content as quite personal and emotive.

Also having a community of amazing support either in the same business area or similar passions keeps the joy of everything flowing.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I couldn’t agree more, but I also think you need to find your village for your business to, having genuine support and cheerleaders is vital.

Are there any other small businesses you’d love to shout about, or you have shared your small business journey with?

Well the business that has shared it all with me, the highs the lows, and everything in between, has been JT Landscapes, my husband’s business. Setting up the two businesses and going self-employed whilst pregnant and 6 months before the pandemic hit was hard! It definitely sent its challenges and uncertainties but if anything it’s made us value the ability to be self-employed and being able to do something we love. That’s what life is about right!? We are trying to create a life that’s different from the normal ideal of ‘work-life balance’ as we believe it shouldn’t be a balance, life is life and if you work, it should be an all-encompassing thing, not something you feel you need to shut the door on at 5 pm.

Another amazing small business I’d love to shout out is Glimpses by Tiff, who is the most amazing photographer and has captured moments for us to treasure forever from all the different times in our lives.

Finally, what advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

I would say, don’t try and be like anyone else. I remember looking at managers or friends I had when I was 20 and thinking “gosh I hope I’m like them when…” and actually that constantly strive to be like something or someone can dull your own authenticity and your superpower is that no one else is you!

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