We talk to one of our oldest friends Jade, Founder at Yoga’Na Flow

Hi Jade, welcome to our Journal. We are so proud to feature you as our first Fitness + Wellness Expert. And who better than you, one of our oldest friends!

For those who don’t know you, tell us about Yoga’Na Flow.

Aw, thanks guys! So Yoga’na Flow started nearly 5 years ago now which is crazy + what a journey it has been. Yoga’na Flow is all things wellness, positivity + puns! I teach yoga classes, host events + retreats, + I am always looking for fun ways to make sure people are moving.

You are a talented Jade-of-all-trades, Yoga Teacher to Actress, to Content Creator. How did it all begin?

It all started when I was 3, I went to my first Ballet class + absolutely loved it. I was then cast in dance shows + found a love for being the family clown + making people laugh. From dancing, I went to acting classes + chose to follow the acting dream at College + University. I have worked on sets as a Actor, VO artist + I have even performed stand-up comedy in New York! NYC is also where I found yoga, one of my teachers was also a Yoga Teacher + we regularly did yoga before acting class. It was such a great way to start the day!

When I returned from NYC, I took the plunge + booked a flight to study yoga in India!

The Content Creation commenced when I started my yoga business, but only recently in Lockdown when I really started to enjoy creating Social Media posts + videos. I like to keep busy with lots of tools in the bag!

We know you have been hugely successful across the UK, including teaching at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival. What is your favourite thing about teaching yoga?

I have been asked to teach at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place for two years now + have loved it! One virtually + one in person! My favourite thing about yoga has to be the people I meet + post-Savasana when they tell me they feel amazing!

Lets talk about your Content Creation + Acting, what’s been your favourite projects so far?

I have worked for a lot of feminine brands, including BeYou, creating posts + reels… as well as CBD oil companies + activewear brands. I love that I can combine yoga + acting!

During my acting career, I filmed an advert for Premier League in a library in Birmingham, that was an incredible day!

You have travelled so much – spending time in New York City + Australia, where has been your favourite place to travel? And why would you say travelling is so important during our careers?

Pre-Pandemic, I travelled loads + am so grateful I took the leap to do so. NYC + Australia are definitely favourites but also Fiji + Vanuatu! I lived on a ship for 6 months so it really was the dream seeing places you can only get to by boat.

South Africa has to be my favourite ever though + I cannot wait to go back.

What’s next Yoga’Na Flow? Where do we see you in the next year?

Retreats! Events! More content + I have some exciting things in the pipeline too.

Your tone of voice makes you one of our favourite people to follow. We love your puns – how do you stay so current with your fun themes, comic posts + witty captions? Does it come to you naturally?

Thank you! The IG world can be very scary, but great to hear you love to follow me! I never know if my witty humour is too much sometimes… it comes naturally to me + if you don’t know me you might be like.. is she okay? I just have the eye for puns + witty things! I hate boring posts… I love humour. A day without laughter is a day wasted!

Are you a night owl or an early riser? What are your top productivity hacks?

I would like to say I am an early riser [my yoga clients know this] but I am also a night owl, if I have work to do or partying to do… [all about balance!]

My productivity hacks are:

  • Drink water throughout the day
  • I sit on the floor to work! Great for posture + your spine!
  • DO the hardest thing first + the rest is easy.

As fellow Female Founders, we wish you the biggest success in your venture. Which other Girl Bosses are you loving?

Oh, there are so many Girl Bosses that inspire me daily. Firstly, You & Me Collective, you + Louise create great lives that inspire me with your content! Kirsty Gallagher, all the feels from her content + I love astrology… and finally, Cat Muffin, an amazing Yoga Teacher + love her passion + hard work that she’s put into her business, getting to where she is today!

Finally, what advice would you give your younger self?

Keep being punny + if you can dream it, you can do it! Never hold back + just be yourself!

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